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after the definition of "ejaculate" from the Urban Dictionary

ejaculate cum jizz semen sperm sex penis orgasm skeet masturbate
ejaculation vagina spunk come spooge facial dick splooge nut pussy
load cock blowjob fuck shit squirt masturbation jerk off anal cream
wank jism cumshot jack off bust a nut jiz face gay porn blow money
shot bust climax head oral bukkake masterbate blow job bitch poop cunt

a) To eject swiftly.
b) To utter suddenly.
c) To blow a full-on shed-full of baby-batter out of your jap's eye.

d) The pilot ejaculated from the aircraft just before the point of collision.
e) "Oh!" RC Miller ejaculated, "That came as a surprise."
f) RC Miller has just ejaculated into your mother's vaginal crevice.

2. ejaculate
Used as a verb in a sexual context: to expel a thick, white, gooey
fluid called semen from the hole at the tip of a man's penis. To cum,
to spooge, to bust a nut, etc. When used as a noun, ejaculate can also
refer to said thick, white, gooey fluid.

The aftermath of an
ejaculation is sometimes referred to as an Explosion at the Yogurt Factory.
After she had made RC Miller ejaculate, Jenna's face looked like she had
been in an explosion at the yogurt factory.

ejaculate spooge cum bust a nut skeet

3. ejaculate
To cum; the process of cumming

4. ejaculate
To emit semen from the penis, usually during the climax of masturbation.
RC Miller ejaculates when he thinks about the beautiful Jenna.

5. ejaculate
An event brought on if you gesticulate, fellate, titillate or agitate
near your prostate.
RC Miller found it easier to ejaculate with the assistance of a trained professional.

6. ejaculate
Modern definition: When RC Miller's penis excretes semen during sex.

Older Definition: To shout
Modern: If you or your partner ejaculates during unprotected sex, you
or they have a chance of getting pregnant.

Older: 'Wretched inmates!' I ejaculated, mentally, 'you deserve
perpetual isolation from your species for your churlish
-Birdless Lightning by RC Miller

wuthering heights ejaculates/ejaculated semen on emily bronte

from wuthering heights by emily bronte and other sources remixed by Osama Ghoul

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