In remixes, Zachary Zimmerman and Michael Hessel-Mial are tied for first place

Similar but different dream poem

Based on Dream Poem by Michael Hessel-Mial.

i shouldn't sleep
i might dream

into helpless places

a tooth of ink might
rise from my gum

yellow vines and flowers might
rise from my tooth

a different nose and bluish hairs might
be released by the plants

and get stuck in the skin shimmering in place
for how long

A different six-line poem

based on 6 Line Poem by Michael Hessel-Mial

it is useless it is useless we are all

in a beige room and a mom

is painted pink not phallic pink more like

"painting the roses red" red with "bad

breath" white i can't help but fake emotion you

wiggle around this is mostly short fiction

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