george bush doesn't care about black people

a remix of kanye west by crispin best

the end of the world

a big star spread in the sky

getting hot


a big darling star

a big inspired darling

a surge

a change

a sudden eclipse

a big inspired darling

a smash

a big darling

a big long spread boundless star


then the loss

this happened overnight

and at dawn


jesus and midas heartbreak love song

jesus courted by midas

midas and jesus tongue time

later, midas mouthing: “i want you back”

in case of becoming deceased

my boundless mind

my boundless dawn

my boundless work

my boundless success

my boundless home

my boundless tongue

my boundless sky

short common dreams


luther vandross peers through fire.

so many hooks more or less driven through a door


janet jackson mouthing: “rampant rampant rampant”


chaka khan shows you diamonds

shows you gold

shows you a steady tongue

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  1. this is so good

    i bet michael's knees bruised each other when he read the words chaka khan, i think michael really likes chaka khan