naughty remixxmas

from little drummer boy

They told me I am a poor boy
I played my drum
I played my best
They told me I am a poor boy
Me and my drum
I played my best
They nodded
They smiled
They told me I am poor boy
I nodded
I am little baby
I have no gift to bring
I am a little poor boy, a little lamb, a little baby

by Crispin Best

the candy whip knows it's christmas

Feed the world
underneath that burning sun
There's no need to be afraid
we can spread wide open

But say a prayer, you've been bad
Throw your arms around
it's hard, but when you're having fun
Feed / the bitter sting

Feed the world / of tears

It's Christmastime
No rain nor rivers flow
but leathers

Do they know / a smile of joy

we banish / the other ones
the clanging chimes

Feed the slave your boot
At Christmastime

we let in light / we banish your tears

from do they know it's christmas by michael hessel-mial

next year i could be just as good

santa baby
come and decorate
my ass with your beard

santa i’m horny
hurry down my chimney

tonight show me your dick
on skype or i’ll stop
believing in you

a/s/l? prove
you're real

from santa baby by ana c.

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