i have like 2 audiomasturbatingmaterialthings/moan

i wear my cowboy boots and spread my legs
as wide as the back of my car lets me
i pull my hair and make you want me
your fingers are in my mouth
you hate it when i forget about you
when you finger me
i can’t do anything right
i help you finger-bang me
and you think i’m narcissistic
you help me love myself
you want to feel my pussy
i feel you when i press my crotch against your cock
i feel a boner inside me and fuck myself
i think about girls when i go down
you feel me and put your fingers in my mouth
you move up and touch my stomach with your hard cock
i grab it and say tasting testing one two three
i lick and laugh and feel surrounded by cars
you grab my ass
you close my pussy with your cock
it rains when i’m on my knees
you’re mine when i think about your boner

from i touch myself by ana c.

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  1. wow wow wow

    I feel stupid say wow over and over

    but wow